Bill Cavanaugh. A local guy with a big tax business

Bill Cavanaugh is a local guy with a local business. But his clients come from across the city, the region, even the world. And in the next few months, Bill is going to be an incredibly busy guy. That’s because Bill Cavanaugh’s business is taxes. Bill Cavanaugh, the owner of Cavanaugh’s Tax Service , 6527 Frankford Avenue, is uniquely qualified in the field of taxes. He has a BA in Economics from La Salle University and a Master of Science in Taxation from Washington School of Law. Bill is also a Graduate Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, an elite organization that is involved in defending taxpayers before the IRS. He keeps up with his profession by attending a number of yearly meetings, including the National Tax Practice Institute, National Association of Enrolled Agents Education Foundation. Practitioner’s Annual Forum on Advanced Tax Law and IRS Procedure, and others. If that’s not enough to impress, he’s also an Enrolled Agent. “An Enrolled Agent, or EA,” explained Bill, “is a tax professional who has demonstrated competence in the field of taxation to the Internal Revenue Service. An EA is also licensed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent any taxpayer before the internal Revenue Service.” And for the past 30 years he’s been practicing his profession right in the neighborhood.
“We do tax services for small business and individuals, not only during tax season, but throughout the entire year. That’s how I’ve built my business. But it’s during tax season when everything escalates. “Even so, we don’t have a ‘get ’em in, get ’em out’ environment, the way some of the large tax preparation services do. Everything we do here is personalized. I take time with every client and do my best to understand his or her tax and personal situation. Then I use all my knowledge of the tax laws to prepare the return,” said Cavanaugh, Bill doesn’t do it all alone, either. His two employees, Theresa Nolen, an accountant who’s been working with Bill for years, and Jimmy Maines, his office manager, are also, trained tax professionals who help Bill and his clients get through the hectic tax season.
“Nobody likes taxes,” he said.”And for some people doing them yourself is ok. But if your financial life is even the least bit complicated if you have a house, income from more than one source, are filing a joint return, or anything else that needs to be thought out I’m here to help. Because the tax code is so complex, in many cases it’s best to put your taxes in the hands of a professional. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.” Cavanaugh’s Tax Service is also available if you ever get that dreaded notice about an IRS audit. In this area, he also has considerable experience. In fact, last year. Bill defended 14 clients in IRS audits whose returns he did not prepare. “Their returns were prepared by another company, and I was proud to offer my expertise in helping these people out of a difficult situation. I’m proud of the results, too,” he said. Of course, the kind of professional services Cavanaugh’s Tax Service provides does not come cheap. Nor should it. But. Bill’s fees are comparable to those of the national tax preparation companies, and he offers the same kind of services, including electronic filing. (He does not offer refund anticipation loans, however.) He also offers something you cant’ get elsewhere highly personalized, highly professional services, audit representation, and a pretty good sense of humor.
For more information, contact Cavanaugh’s Tax Service, 267-601-1073